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How to Get Superhuman Strength

The only way that you can get the superhuman level that you may require is by accessing the God given gifts that your body has already and you were born with. The best illustration of this is the excitement of anticipation and how it can benefit you.

When an extremely stressing situation occurs our hypothalamus sends out a chemical signal to the adrenal glands activating the sympathetic system. Then we start releasing adrenaline and noradrenalin, awakening our state of readiness to confront danger.

The result is that our heart rate rises, our respiration increases, our pupils dilate... and our muscles contract more powerfully achieving amazing strength and agility. We become more alert and use more energy. This is what enables a mother to lift a car off your trapped child etc.

It is these superhuman efforts that have made the ordinary look extraordinary when seen from the eyes of the person who is doing the "superhuman" effort, movement or exercise. The same time of thing can be applied to your own specific training program.

What you can do for example is to get yourself all psyched up for the superhuman squat that you are going to do that day. It all takes on a few seconds to complete but if you are warming up correctly and have the correct mind-set before you start off with the maximum one rep, the chances of success will be dramatically improved.

You might remember when you were a child how to could run and play for hours without getting tired. The principal is the same as the child gets completely motivated by the excitement of the moment and the adrenaline is pumping and there is no thought of being physically unable to complete.

Something that can certainly have a dramatic effect on your routine work-outs is developing the ability of trying to anticipate the Pleasure of Being AMAZING. This might sound strange and it certainly takes a bit of practice but some type of pretense might help.

For example pretending that you have a television crew watching you train and it is being televised live to ten million people who are watching every move and how strong you are. But that is just one of many options that you can choose from in order to get excited about your work-outs.

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