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Grip Strength Training

Grip strength training is something that is often overlooked by many weight trainers and it can make a huge difference in your general strength. There could be many different reasons why you may be interested in increasing your grip strength.

The reasons could range from increasing your baseball ability to developing your fighting ability in all of the martial arts from MMA to Judo. This article is going to discuss the various ways that you can improve the strength of your grip which will make a big difference to your overall strength.

There are many different options to choose from you can start with strengthening of your crushing grip by doing hand grip exercise using hand grippers. The gold standard in these grippers are the Captains of Crush Grippers (COCG) sold by Ironmind Enterprises.

But there are other options like using a fat bar or a thick Olympic bar when training which will make a big difference to your grip strength. When you start off using a thick bar for the first time the weight that you can lift will radically decrease in the beginning but you will quickly catch up with the strength.

Another movement for increasing the strength of your grip is the Farmers-walk which is very simple but far from easy exercise. Simply pick up a heavy dumbbell (try it with a 2-3 inch thick handled kind) in each hand and walk for as long or far as possible. Walking say a hundred yards with the heaviest dumbbells you can manage is no easy task.

Basically you can design your own grip exercises by being a bit innovative and add some forearm and grip exercises to your program, work them hard and regular and you can transform your grip strength and forearms. But it won't happen overnight - you must give it time.

Decide now that you will include regular grip training into your workouts. Put serious effort into your grip training as you would with your upper arm work. Do this and I'm pretty sure your results will improve not just below the elbow but in your whole body.

As mentioned above the advantages that you will get from an increased power in your grip will give you maximum results with your strength training. You will see that your overall strength will be able to improve a lot and it could have been the reason why you reached a strength plateau in the first place.

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